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About Us

Stochastic Elegance?

Hello everyone! Before I begin my historical lesson on how Stochastic Elegance came about, I am pretty sure you are thinking, “What does Stochastic Elegance mean?” So let us get that off our chest.

Stochastic, adjective [stuh-kas-tik]

 Of or relating to a process involving a randomly determined sequence of observations each of which is considered as a sample of one element from a probability distribution.

Elegance, noun [el-i-guh ns]

Good (GREAT!) taste in design, style, arrangement, etc

Still confused? Here is our interpretation of the two word combination:

At Stochastic Elegance, we believe in the art of creating complexity through simplicity, bringing together seemingly random items into one distinct elegant piece.

In an extremely short summary:

Beauty in randomness

Who are we?

There have been many a times where we catch a glimpse of a seemingly uninteresting object and we are immediately brought back to a point in our lives where the item in question was given a meaning. An experience no one else could replicate or have an emotional attachment to it exactly like we would. These are the precious moments that can lift us up with joy or flood us down with tears in an instance. But more importantly, it serves as a reminder of how fortunate we were to have lived through those moments, even if its now only in memory. We are a team of designers, programmers, crafters, and (normal) people who believes that these memories are the things that makes us human and as such, should not be lost.

Oh yea, about the main question. We are a couple of Singaporean graduates who met during our university days (NTU) with a passion for creating stuff. Our team consist of a Physic Graduate, who (weirdly enough... ) is our main designer and crafter. If you have ever participated in our card making workshops, she is usually the one conducting it, along with an Engineering Graduate and a self-taught IT guy who takes care of the website, social media, and any other IT related matters.

Supporting us are a group of artistes, crafters, and enthusiast which we work with to in various aspects of our work and their profiles are featured in our Artist Gallery so if you are interested, do take some time to look through their works and show them support if you like it.

What is it that we do?

With the increasingly industrialized world we live in, more and more things we possess are produced in vast quantities, making it hard to really hard to be reminded of anything by these gifts. In all our projects, we emphasize on the inclusion of some form of hand-made element, introducing small and unnoticeable differences in every gift tag, cards, or craft project. Though meaningless at first, these seemingly insignificant difference could be the reason it is significant to its recipient.

Our services are divided broadly into three main categories.

Arts and Craft Supply Store

We hope to be a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. Including materials ranging from the basic blank papers and tags to craft flowers and ready-made stamp and ink sets and many more.

Customization Service Provider

We offer customisation services for the creation of personalised cards, ranging from the a simple post card to multi-fold cards to accordian cards to book cards, and gift tags, ranging from printed to stamped and to hand-drawn. Despite having our craft done mostly by hand, we have delivered orders of quantities ranging from single piece up to a scale catering to wedding events and many more.

We do not restrict the scope of our projects. We provide other services such as digital designing services, custom-made photo-polymer stamps, sticker printing, etc.

Share with us your idea and we will do our best to make it a reality for you.

Free Advertising Platform Supporting Local Artist

Anyone and everyone can have their work featured on our Artist Gallery with no payment needed! Artistes' whose photographs are choosen to be featured on our gallery will also enjoy free publicity on all our social media platforms. 

If anyone fall in love with your work, they can contact you directly and arrange for the purchase of the works or even hire you for their personal project. Here's the best part! We do not charge for any business dealings you have gotten through our Artist Gallery!

Just send us up to five photos of your best works along with your contact details and a brief description of your work, and we will have it posted onto our website for all to see!

Can you trust us?

OF COURSE! But knowing that you do not know us... Our sugar-coated candied words are probably not going to work this time around.

So, let us borrow the help of our lists of satisfied customer's review, and hopefully it will be enough to convince you too!



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