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Wishlist 2018 Pre-Order!


Wishlist items now available for pre-order. Discount valid till the 10th of April 2018!

We have announce the products we plan to bring in for the March 2018 WIshlist  and listed the products in a category called "Wishlist". Simply place a pre-order on any products listed on the category to enjoy a 15% off those products.

Simply use the following discount code during checkout:


*Discount code usage is limited to first 50 orders and applicable only to products listed in the "Wishlist" category.

We would like to apologize as we were unable to accommodate everyone's wishlist item due to various reasons such as certain items seeing the end of their production, export restrictions, and simply due to lack of available stocks from our suppliers.

However, do not be disheartened as we have a variety of other available products to choose from! Take a look at it now!


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