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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Overseas Shipping
  2. Local Shipping
  3. Artist Gallery
  4. Stoche Reward
  5. Random Things We Have Yet To Categorize

1. Overseas Shipping

Do head to our cart checkout with your items and use our shipment cost estimation function to get an estimate of your shipping cost.

2. Local Shipping

For local mailing within Singapore, standard non-registered mailing will be at a flat rate of SGD 1.50 while registered mailing is defendant on the total weight of the order items starting at SGD 4.00 and a maximum of SGD 5.00.

Free local standard non-registered mailing or registered mailing will be offered during checkout if eligible. Minimum spending to be eligible will be indicated at the top of the shopping cart.

3. Artist Gallery

What is Stochastic Elegance's Artist Gallery about and why would I want to be involved?

We are so glad you asked!

Stochastic Elegance's Artist Gallery is a platform for budding artisties and entrepreneurial youth to share and promote their works and services. Stochastic Elegance will help promote your work via social media platform while you can decide how you wish to package and market your products.

There are no monthly subscriptions for having your work featured and interested customers will be contacting you directly. As such, all transactions for your work are managed by you, so do not worry about any fees from us.

For any enquiries, just drop us an email at Gallery@StochasticElegance.com or leave us a message with our Contact-Us form.

I wish to purchase the artwork featured on Stochastic Elegance's Artist Gallery. How can I do so?

All of our artist's contact details can be found on the listing's description. So go ahead and contact the artist directly to check for availability of their artwork.

Do note that any transaction with regards to art pieces featured in our Artist Gallery are handled by the artist themselves. Stochastic Elegance does not and will not request for commission in any form with regards to transactions conducted directly between the buyer and the artist.

Stochastic Elegance is not responsible for any errant transaction including, but not limited to, missing products, damaged work, etc.

Any issues with transaction shall be directed to the artist directly.

4. Stoche Reward

How do I check the total amount of earned Stoche Reward Points I have?

Simply log in to your account and click on the "Stoche Rewards" button, such as the one below, peeking by the side of our website!


What can I spend my Stoche Reward Points on?

We have various ways to reward your continuous support for us. When you sign in and click on the SE Rewards button, you will be greeted with various options including getting a personal coupon code for up to SGD 50.00/- off your next store purchase.

5. Random Things We Have Yet To Categorize

Nothing in this list yet. If you pose a good question, we might list it here in the future.

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